Join Tournament.
Create Team.

Got a group of people you want to play with? Create a team and give your friends the access code. You are now ready for the tournament to start, click the video play icon for a tutorial on how it is done

Join Tournament.
Join Team.

A team was already created by your friend or partner in crime? - join their team and participate in the tournament, click the video play icon for a tutorial on how it is done

Your main entrypoint

By default you are presented with an overview, where you can

  • Join tournaments
  • See your teams
  • See your previous and your next match
  • Vote on map
  • Submit result
  • Dispute result

it updates live when a match is lost or won.

wrong result?.

If a wrong result, or a wrong loser/winner was submitted, you can dispute the result so an admin can rectify it.

Best of 1, 3, 5.

If the tournament has mapvote enabled, you must do a mapvote before you can submit result. Ban, pick, and lastly play the maps you and your opponent voted for.


Tournament not started yet, can't participate? You can either leave the tournament, the team or give up if the tournament is already in progress

Submit Score
Did you win or loose?.

When you have played a match, you as a participant should submit a score, only you or your opponent needs to submit a score.

Browse Tournament
How is it going, who is winning, whom might you play against?.

You can browse a tournament, both leagueplay and elimination has a live updated view that updates by itself when matches are changeing states.